Local Spotlight

Kin Ship Goods logo

Dan Davis and Hillary Harrison, co-owners of Kin Ship Goods, opened their boutique with a studio in the back in 2014. Hillary is originally from Sissonville, and Dan was born in Germany and lived in Idaho before moving to Louisville, KY where the couple met. Dan and Hillary decided to make the move to Charleston to open their shop in order to be closer to Hillary’s family.

As what began as an online shop in 2009, Kin Ship is a brand of apparel, accessories and home goods. The Kin Ship employees design and handprint all of their shirts in their studio. The brick-and-mortar shop was located on Lee Street until May 2016, when they re-located to 613 Tennessee Avenue. “It’s a larger space, with room to grow, in a great neighborhood,” Hillary said.

What made you come up with the idea for Kin Ship and why did you decide to open your business in Charleston?

Dan and I used to run an art gallery in Louisville called Kin Ship. We got tired of promoting other people’s stuff all the time and decided to start making our own stuff. It just kind of grew from there. We moved to Charleston in 2014 to be closer to my family.

What sets Kin Ship apart from other local shops in the area?

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of local shops in the area, so just being a small shop here to begin with sets up apart. We seem to appeal to people under 40 while a lot of things in Charleston cater to an older crowd.

What are your hopes for the future of Kin Ship?

We just hope that we are able to continue doing what we’re doing. We have a lot of new stuff in the works that we’re really excited about. This fall, we’re going to start experimenting with printing fabric—something we’ve wanted to do since we started, but we didn’t have the room.

Kin Ship Goods on Tennessee Avenue
Hillary Harrison and Dan Davis
Dan Davis screenprinting