Board of Directors

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If you are interested in becoming more involved with Generation Charleston, contact Nina Shell or Tim Gibson for more information.

Each committee typically meets either once a month or once a quarter. If you would like to attend a committee meeting, or for more information on what the committee does, contact one of the committee chairs listed below.

2016 Generation Charleston Board of Directors


Nina Shell

Vice Chair

Tim Gibson

Immediate Past Co-Chairs

Don Wilson

Kim Zwier


Anna Clark


Megan Callaghan

Laura Hatfield

John Giroir

Megan Collins

Ray Loeser

Samuel Long

Kickball Lead

Stacey Lynch

Charleston Area Alliance Communication Manager

Caitlin Cook


Maggie Matsuko

Bradley Harris

Community Outreach

Patrick Murphy

Karrie Juengel

Ray Loeser


Jared DeProspero

Chelsea Freer

Megan Collins

Stacey Lynch

Professional & Economic Development

Dylan Turner

Chris May

John Giroir

Public Policy

Elizabeth Margolin

Joshua Austin

Samuel Long